SEAGO is following fisheries and budget bills to keep you informed.  As of this week, there are no bills proposed which directly affect the charter sector.  Other Fisheries bills are described below.

The Alaska Board of Fisheries has requested that the Legislature review the permitting process for activities affecting streams determined to be fish habitat.  These activities are projects that use, divert, obstruct, or change the natural flow of a body of water.  Right now, permits are typically granted within four days, and can be issued unless the activity fails to provide sufficient, proper protection for fish and game.  This means that residents may be unaware when permits are granted in their area and are unable to comment before a permit is granted.

The request for the Legislature is to update standards for proper protection of fish and game, public notice requirements, and the public comment process.  The Legislature has not yet taken this request under consideration.

Proposed Fisheries Bills:

Bill Number Description Sponsor Status
HB 14 Requiring specific findings before Legislative approval of large scale Bristol Bay sulfide mines Rep. Josephson (H)FSH
HB 17 Establishing a Fish & Game Conservation Program and Fund Rep. Josephson (H)RES
HB 29 Banning the sale of genetically modified fish Rep. Tarr (H)FSH
HB 32 Requiring the labeling of genetically modified food Rep. Tarr (H)RES
HB 46 Increasing state and local procurement preference for locally harvested agricultural and fisheries products and allowing for sale of non-pasteurized milk products Rep. Tarr (H)STA
HB 56 Increasing the total balance of borrower limitation on certain commercial fishing loans from $300k to $400k Rep. Ortiz (H)FSH
HB 63 Transferring the duties of the fisheries revolving loan funds, processing license bonds, and others from the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development to Department of Revenue Rep. Pruitt (H)STA

HB = House Bill

Sponsor = Legislator who proposed the bill

Status = Committee the bill would be heard in next

(H) = House committee

FSH = Fisheries Committee

RES = Resources Committee

STA = State Affairs Committee