Our Mission

SEAGO is the voice of Southeast Alaska charter fishing and lodge operations in Alaska and their supporters.  We are committed to representing the industry on all critical issues, for the long-term. Our mission is to promote the tradition of sport fishing in Southeast Alaska through reasonable regulations that ensure the long-term sustainability of our businesses and fish resources.

Industry Impact

Sportfishing in Alaska generates more than 1.4 billion dollars per year in the Alaska economy, on everything from restaurants, lodging, and transportation, to clothing, gear, cultural and wildlife experiences, to guide services, fuel, and fishing licenses.  This activity supports almost 16,000 jobs.  Half of all tourism activity in Alaska comes from non-resident sport anglers. Directly or indirectly, every community and every citizen in Alaska benefit from the sportfishing industry.  In Southeast Alaska, sportfishing generates about 3,000 jobs, $100 million in personal income, and $20 million in tax revenues. It is important to all Alaskans that sportfishing be a steady, sustainable, and integral part of our economy.


Fish News

Call To Action

You Spoke, ADF&G Listened

Ever look at fishing regulations and think: “What the heck does this mean?” It turns out you’re not alone if you find sport fishing regulations confusing and want an easier way to access them.  Even ADF&G staff turn to each other, instead of regulations, when...

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2018 Pacific Salmon Commission Negotiations

Today, the Pacific Salmon Commission (PSC) and the State of Alaska announced the long-anticipated conclusion to the Pacific Salmon Treaty annex renegotiations. The newly announced conservation and harvest agreement between the United States and Canada will take effect...

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2018 National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Summit

SEAGO Executive Director Samantha Weinstein and Board President Tom Ohaus, owner of Sitka-based Angling Unlimited, joined Andy Mezirow, Council member from Seward; Richard Yamada, charter operator from Juneau; and Dave Witherell, NPFMC Executive Director, in...

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December Update: Magnuson-Stevens Act Reauthorization

Those of you tracking national legislation may have heard that Rep. Don Young (R-AK) is pushing forward a rewrite of the bill to reauthorize the MSA. Many of the proposals for change are coming from the recreational sector, which has a stronger national political...

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Supporting the Pacific Salmon Treaty Coalition

Salmon are without a doubt making big headlines in Alaska today, from #AKSalmonDay to the sport and troll king salmon closures. Both have raised the topic of the Pacific Salmon Treaty (PST), which most of us don’t think about every day. The PST is currently in the...

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Southeast Habitat Protection

SEAGO is proud to have signed on to two Southeast campaigns to protect our salmon habitat within the Tongass National Forest: T77 and maintaining Forest Service management of Tongass lands.  By supporting these efforts, SEAGO joins individuals, conservation groups,...

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