Over the next few weeks, NOAA Fisheries will make several announcements highlighting their efforts to monitor, understand, and address bycatch in U.S. ocean fisheries. Collectively these announcements contribute to a broader conversation about how we ensure that marine fisheries remain sustainable and protected species are given their best chance to recover. Please visit the NOAA bycatch website for updates throughout the month.

Head of NOAA Fisheries Addresses Bycatch Eileen Sobeck speaks to the importance of working together to address bycatch in her latest Leadership Message.

Why Bycatch Matters Bycatch comes in many different forms and affects people in different ways. We asked a few of these people for their perspectives on bycatch. Lend your voice to the conversation and join the discussion using #TacklingBycatch.

New Video Tackles Bycatch The latest NOAA Fisheries video defines bycatch and how we are working to reduce it.

40 Years of Bycatch Breakthroughs NOAA Fisheries and our partners have more than four decades of experience managing bycatch in U.S. fisheries. A new interactive timeline highlights a few of the most important breakthroughs in bycatch reduction in the past 40 years.

$2.5 Million Available for Bycatch Innovations NOAA Fisheries’ Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program announces the 2016 funding opportunity.