Salmon are without a doubt making big headlines in Alaska today, from #AKSalmonDay to the sport and troll king salmon closures. Both have raised the topic of the Pacific Salmon Treaty (PST), which most of us don’t think about every day.

The PST is currently in the final few years of the current 10-year agreement and Alaska negotiators are working with their Southern US and Canadian counterparts to hammer out the details of the next 10-year deal. Adherence to the Treaty requires millions of dollars, many spent by the States themselves, to provide stock assessment, technical work, reporting, and administrative oversight. Shortfalls in many state budgets are starting to erode resources necessary to meet our Treaty requirements.

You may have recently received a letter from Pacific Salmon Treaty Coalition Executive Director, Deborah Lyons, asking your business to participate in a letter writing campaign asking the federal government to adequately fund Treaty implementation and to relieve the burden currently placed on the individual States for Treaty implementation. The Pacific Salmon Treaty Coalition (PSTC) is an industry group designed to support support Alaska in its negotiations on the PST, and is funded by aquaculture associations, processors, and gear groups, including ATA, USAG, SEAS, and SEAGO. The coalition has six board members: one seiner, one gillnetter, one troller, one sport rep (SEAGO’s own Russell Thomas), one hatchery rep, and a subsistence rep. If you did not receive a letter, read the letter HERE because they need our support.

We know you are busy but are asking you to take just a few minutes to fill out the letter and submit it back to the PSTC. Showing solidarity between all fishing groups in SE Alaska is one way we can send a powerful message to our delegation in Washington, DC. If you have the inclination and time, having a few of your employees and/or guests participate as well would further help their cause.

SEAGO encourages you to take this Second Annual Wild Salmon Day and show your support. Sign on to the letter, then go grill your catch to perfection.