Next Tuesday, August 21, is primary election day in Alaska (election information here).  With a busy summer season happening it’s tempting to step back from politics, but fish politics are always first and foremost on SEAGO’s radar.   Our Representative in Congress, our Governor and Lieutenant Governor, and our state legislators play an important role in the health of our fisheries and community.  SEAGO reached out to candidates in anticipation of the primary to find out their opinions on fisheries issues.

Candidate responses received can be found below.  We’re disappointed that only a handful of candidates returned our questionnaire, though a few have indicated that they are on their way.  The limited number received shows that we need to engage our elected officials more to ensure that they will be representing YOUR interests in office.  Elected officials need to hear from the thousands of Southeast sport anglers, charter operators, and lodge employees who support a multi-million dollar recreational industry which made Alaska a famous tourist destination.

If you don’t see your preferred candidate’s questionnaire link on the list below, contact them and ask why it’s not there!  We will be updating the list and the links on this page as we near the primary election.

Answers have been edited for clarity and simple grammatical errors.

Candidate Position Questionnaire Link
Christopher Cumings Congress/House Cumings Questionnaire
Alyse Galvin Congress/House  
Carol Hafner Congress/House Hafner Questionnaire
Thomas “John” Nelson Congress/House Nelson Questionnaire
Dimitri Shein Congress/House  
Don Young Congress/House
Mark Begich Governor Begich Questionnaire
Darin Colbry Governor  
Mike Dunlevy Governor  
Thomas Gordon Governor
Gerald Heikes Governor  
Merica Hlatcu Governor  
Michael Sheldon Governor  
William Toien Governor  
Mead Treadwell Governor Treadwell Questionnaire
Debra Call Lt. Governor  
Lynn Gattis Lt. Governor  
Edie Grunwald Lt. Governor  
Sharon Jackson Lt. Governor  
Kevin Meyer Lt. Governor  
Gary Stevens Lt. Governor  
Stephen Wright Lt. Governor  
Bill Walker/Byron Mallott (on general ballot only) Governor/Lt. Governor  
Jesse Kiehl State Senate Q Kiehl Questionnaire
Don Etheridge State Senate Q Etheridge Questionnaire
Steve Handy State House 33  
Sara Hannan State House 33
Chris Dimond (on general ballot only) State House 33 Dimond Questionnaire
Tom Morphet State House 33
Rob Edwardson State House 34
Jerry Nankervis State House 34
Andi Story State House 34  
Jonathan Kreiss-Tompkins State House 35
Kenny “Karl” Skaflestad State House 35
Richard Wein State House 35
Ghert Abbott State House 36
Trevor Shaw State House 36
Dan Ortiz (on general ballot only) State House 36